With over 25 years of vast experience in the landscaping, paving and pool industries, and great references too, we, at Pavage Gentile Vision, bring to you a wide array of services where we put our expertise at your disposal so as to make your vision a reality. We offer specific services such as paving driveways, and walkways, developing a charming patio or staircase, and swimming pool installation. Curating aesthetically pleasing stone masonry, creative backyards, and so much more… We are here to enhance your exterior living space.

Why You Should Choose Paving Your Driveway with Asphalt?
Simply put, paving lasts longer, looks more beautiful, and can be installed and completed pretty quickly. When done properly, asphalt driveways are better for the overall appearance, driveability, your budget as well as the environment. Below are the several benefits that also come with asphalt driveways paving:

Asphalt Is Extremely Durable
An asphalt driveway, when installed by a skilled asphalt contractor, is likely to last for approximately 20 years. This estimated lifespan for your paved driveway can even increase if you use preventative maintenance to your driveway.

Asphalt Is Great For Noise Reduction
Paved asphalt driveways are a great choice when you are looking for a smooth and quiet pavement option. Because of its open-graded surfaces, fine-graded surfaces, and the materials that are used, asphalt primarily absorbs all of the noise and gives you a more quiet surface.

Asphalt Projects Are Completed Pretty Quickly
When you pour a new asphalt driveway, it can be ready as soon as it hardens up and truth be told, it can be a matter of a few hours. However, as experienced asphalt paving contractors, to be cautious, we may suggest you stay off for a day or two to give it time to set properly and prevent cracks or dents.

Repairs Are Really Easy
Irrespective of which material you choose, your driveway will wear down with time. You might see holes and cracks within a couple of years, and if you do not address them on time, they are likely to degrade further. However, repairing asphalt is something that you can manage easily on your own. All you have to do is resurface and reseal your asphalt driveway and it can be as good as new.

Why Choose Pavage Gentile Vision?
At Pavage Gentile Vision, your driveway is laid down by some of the best asphalt paving contractor and we are among some of the most experienced driveway paving companies that offer the best asphalt for driveways in the West Island and around Montreal. So, if you are planning to renew or build a new driveway in the West Island this Spring, Summer or Fall, then Pavage Gentile Vision is the company for you.

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