Patios must be built on a level surface no matter what materials are being used. Uneven surfaces, cracks in concrete, and pooling water on your patio are usually due to an un-even sub-base. Patios help in building an exquisite outdoor space with a focus on outdoor entertainment and lounging. This is why people consistently consider adding a beautiful patio area into their backyards. At times, even a small patio in your courtyard can be more than enough to create the space that you need to enjoy your summers outside.

What Your Patio Design Should Include?

  1. Sufficient space to accommodate a seating area and your guests.
  2. A little space in the sun as well as other potential space in the shade.
  3. Easy access to get back into your home.
  4. Small area to store snacks or drinks.

We, at Pavage Gentile Vision, offer some of the most experienced and best asphalt paving services that can transform the look of your backyard by adding a gorgeous patio. Our patio paving contractors will add character to your outdoor space. We specialize in simple or custom designs that complement the style of your home.


Services and Solutions

We offer the following paving solutions:

  • Walkways (paving, natural stone)
  • Driveways (paving stones, asphalt)
  • Patios (stone, concrete and wood)
  • Swimming pool (installation & repair)
  • Stone masonry
  • Creative backyards
  • In-ground pool Installation
  • Concrete work
  • 3D Plan images
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